Working on some awesome new stuff with Python 3.6

So after investigating every single possible angle in software to make a living over the years, I have decided to try out the open source model. Really excited with the ambitious Django projects everyone has been pursuing. Something that started out during a tech boom to meet the needs of a dying industry (newspaper) that couldn’t hire help, we now have this interesting beast that could hypothetically lead to some really niche SaaS offerings. If executed well of course. And that’s where my new project comes in. At the very least I am leveling up my Python. The tooling is amazing compared to when I left webdev for greener pastures back in 2010. Most people would’t even use a debugger to develop in PHP. I mean there were a couple, but it was sort of like JavaScript is now. At the same time Apple’s new iPhone came out with DTrace profiling tools which were extremely useful back when mobile hardware was severely constrained.

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