More SSL config protips

While spending far too much time configuring SSL with Linode and load balancer which is only $10. Here is an easy tip there are about three ridiculous methods that work inconsistently. Using NameCheap, Amazon is far worse you won’t even end up with an IP, just a hostname to an EBS to system admin productivity is making use of this wasted time. It would seem the most straightforward method is HTTP.

It would seem the best way would be to create a NodeBalancer, add a small node, install nginx, find the nginx data folder such as /var/www/html/ add the invisible folder .known-host. And then another folder called pki-validation where you include about 90 characters idntifying you. The best technique seems to be create a NodeBalancer so you have an IP setup that HTTP file in the requested folder, and direct all traffic toward that special file as quickly as possible (and you don’t get the file until you choose this method.

I find the lack of speed in DNS method particularly annoying because NameCheap is the DNS provider. Amazon sucks just as much. The quickest way for everything to workseems to be getting that file in ridiculous folder asĀ  quick as possible. If you switch methods you pay more for no better service.

So I have it ready for both DNS and HTTP mode, when you switch the values don’t switch. I think I might need a new provider. I can’t imagine GoDaddy being any better.

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