SSL Update

Lost two full days trying to get SSL setup. Partially my fault, have a lot balls in the air, and it’s also needlessly complex. Like using Pycharm you get a bit accustomed to underscores, nope. On the other hand NameCheap could provide some sort of error other than just processing. This experienced convinced me that I needed a staging server, if I want to develop websites with SSL. I setup DNS validation with NameCheap and after full day still processing. I actually used Python console to compare the two strings, nope still processing.

I guess the only way is the http method is to setup nginx (might be something better to use now the NGINXPlus is coming upon us). I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for all servers since I’m at 3.6 in Python. One of the great things about Unix is even installing the exact same software, on a different distribution, your server directory might be somewhere completely different! Well in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS it’s on /var/www/html. I now think the best method is to create the .well-known and pki-validations, a test text file. Make sure it doesn’t 404, then start the method hope for the best. I will contact support tomorrow and try to get this DNS figured out.

I can’t image using HTTP validation on a production node. I checked the strings and values with Python console (Python was useful for this kind of stuff even before it started taking over the world) I know it takes time to propagate but Namecheap is literally my DNS provider.

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