SSL Fixed

Namecheap support was able to make the DNS method work for me. Amazon claims it can take up to 72 hours before you can start to ask questions, unless of course you further lock yourself into their DNS service. I’m way behind now, but I’ve learned a lot about https validation. There used to be this game called Federation on AOL. It was text based, so back when you had slow dial up and pricey data connections there was an advantage. Just recently shutdown one of the issues cited was the complexity of SSL. Now I have developed software that fully implements the algorithms (RSA 2048 for NouveauPG in fact I chose that because that’s what google uses and I figured they knew what they were doing.) and I find the process time consuming and complex. There’s not really a lot of difference between signatures you really want the cheapest one you can get away with (all browsers will take) sometime there is some PCI compliance things you might need to pay more for but they’re all pretty much the same. I think it’s funny the company NameCheap uses Comodo has changed it’s name to Sectigo. Now I understand consulting companies changing their names all the time, but a security company. As hard as it is to be a small company now that the largest companies pretty much run America, it’s a little bit reassuring that brand value and good will is not what it used to be.

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