DSA deprecated for OpenSSL 7.0

OpenSSL might be on it’s last legs now that a implementation in Rust would appear to outperform the C++ implementation of the venerable OpenSSL over almost all benchmarks (not sure about the support for hardware acceleration provided by OpenSSL extensions, but even lowend Zend processors support AESNI acceleleraition. Seems likely that Rust will replace C++ in the near future (and perhaps even golang). while working with blockchain industry last year, I foundĀ Go much easier to build than the Parity alternative mainstream Ethereum client. Sure I wans’t the only that came to that conclusion! Also Objectice C seems to be on the road perdition.

I’d love to I was a genius for leaving that out (DSA), but even back then I came to the conclusion that Google used RSA/2048 excusively for https. My sole configuration was to allow a 4096 bit key. Since OpenPGP is not a great way to transmit files as the 7-bit clean Bate64 encoding results in a 33% increase in data, it’s really only useful for short messages. Perhaps protecting keys to larger files protected by symmetric encryption?

Most importantly, I offer NouveauPG open source on my GitHub. I’ve had limited luck with porting “cross platform” OSS vesions of Cocoa/Next Step, especially when the GUI is involved.

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